Why Is My Vlookup Not Working – Excel Formula

Vlooup #NAME Error
Vlooup #NAME Error

Here you are going to learn the way how we have to fix the issue when your Vlookup is not working. If you would like to learn about VLOOKUP in detailed click here. First you need to the error types that occur in excel. First one is syntactical error and the second one is logical error for any formula these are the main error types occur. Hence first check syntax of the VLOOKUP that you have entered in your sheet. It should be like =Vlookup(lookupvalue, tablearray, columnindexnumber, false)

Lookupvalue: The value which you need to search in particular data range.

TableArray: This would be your lookup value related column to result existed column (Example: if you have lookup value in ‘A’ column and results are in column ‘C’, then your table array would be A:C.

Column Index Number: This is your result column number in the above example, your column index number is 3. Because A is first column, B is second column and C is your result column that is 3rd column.

False: This indicates zero always (that is known as approximate match)

Hence in the above example if we consider, we can get syntax in the below manner

if you are looking result in the same sheet


if you are looking result in the different sheet then you need to add sheetname in the table. Please find below for syntax for your reference


If you miss any thing in the above for any scenario, you get an error that would the syntactical error.

Now let’s understand logical error. If you enter syntax correctly still if you are getting error as “#N/A” then your vlookup working correctly. Still you need to check whether you have selected correct column or not in the respective syntax line. For example in the above described example. Instead of A:C , you selected B:C in the table array. that would be logical error and you will not get results. Because you have not specified look value related column in the table array.

If you enter column index number as 4 in the above example, then also vlookup throws an error. Then you need realize that you have not give correct number to lookup the value in the formula. Then your error would be #VALUE.

if you enter 1 in the last block instead false or zero, then also your formula throws an error. This is how you need to figure it out to work your vlookup correctly.



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