Here we are going to explain about VBA programming various models like record macro, writing vba code, beginner level of macro programming, intermediate level of macro programming.

Excel VBA is very powerful programming in Excel Spreadsheets. Any work which is not judgmental can be automated easily with in Excel. Excel VBA program also known as Macro programming. There are two ways to automate the excel work. People who does not have the programming knowledge can use the Recording macro facility in order to automate the Excel lengthy tasks. And people who has programming any knowledge can use the VBA programming tricks to automate the excel works which are there in our office. If you are automating the work which is available then lot of FTE can be saved by your programming skills.

Record Macro:

Writing VBA Code:

Beginner or Basic level of Macro ( VBA ) Programmming:

Intermediate Macro ( VBA ) Programming:

Advanced Level of Macro ( VBA ) Programming: