VBA Advantages and Disadvantages – Excel Formula


Here you are going to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of VBA ( Visual Basic Applications )

VBA Advantages:

  1. Removing the non value added things like copy paste work, repetitive works.
  2. Reducing the TAT ( Turn around time) for preparation of the report, template or dashboard
  3. Reducing the formulas burden from the excel reports like when you give manual formulas in the excel, usually it hangs for a while to calculate formulas ( when you have more formulas or data in the sheet ). You can keep the formula in the coding part to overcome this issue.
  4. Can be removed the manual intervention to prepare the reports and improve the accuracy of the report. Because when you are preparing manually, accuracy would depending your mental condition whereas excel macro does not have that issue. It prepares based on the provided inputs.
  5. Providing the FTE (Full time employee) reduction benefit for the organization in terms of saving money to organizations.



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