SUMIF function – Excel Formula

Sumif Function in Excel
Sumif Function in Excel

Here you are going to learn the way how you can use sumif function in Excel spreadsheet to easy the calculation process in the office activities. Sumif is one of the key functions in MIS activities and other office activities like HR Payroll, Call center activities, Banking, Finance and accounting activities.

Sumif can be used to calculate (sum) totals based on particular condition. Example if you have fruits list with their amounts per 1000 (1 Kilo gram) grams. In that list Apples, Oranges, Pomegranates and Butter fruits were included with repeatedly with their various rates in different Markets. Now I need the total amount of Apples from all markets. Here is the perfect situation to use Sumif function. Please follow the below snap shots to understand more clear way. Also if you need download Excel file with the same example by clicking article ending download link.


Apple sum using Sum if function as shown in the below

Sumif Example snap shot 1
Sumif Example snap shot 1

Sum if Syntax as shown in the below snap shot 2

Sumif Example with Syntax Snap shot 2
Sumif Example with Syntax Snap shot 2

Sumif Syntax Explanation :

Range, Criteria, Sum Range are syntax elements


In Sumif, range is data range which should be started from Criteria related column on wards as shown in the above. In the above case Column B has criteria (Apples). Hence we have selected from Column B to Column E. As Amounts are presented in the Column E.


Criteria is one which should be presented in the condition, in the above case Apples are the criteria. Hence we have selected Apples related cell B2 (or you can given hardcoded text like “Apples” either way it works this function but ideal way is better to give cell value).


Sum_range is numerical range which is column E in the above case as amounts are presented in the column E.


Note: If you need more details on this just click on this link.

Download Sumif Example in excel spreadsheet


If you still have any doubts on the above sumif example, please comment below. As soon as we get time, our team is here to help you to understand more better way.






Sum If Function In Excel
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Sum If Function In Excel
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