Outlook Automation Using Excel VBA – Excel Formula


Excel VBA can control almost all applications. All we need to do is specific DLL file to be linked in the reference of specific VBA Module. When you want to automate Microsoft outlook related activities such as sending bulk emails to various people, getting alerts when specific email related mails reached to inbox, setting up bulk meetings at the same time, searching in specific folder of outlook for emails related content to fetch into excel spreadsheet and getting email body or subject lines into excel for multiple emails. Anything that need not judge in outlook can be automated using Excel VBA. Because Outlook also Microsoft Application. Hence it is very easier to control by Excel VBA.

VBA module related reference to select dll
VBA module related reference to select dll
DLL file adding
DLL file adding

As soon as you add outlook related DLL (Dynamic linked library) files in VBA module reference, you can start writing the code to automate the outlook related activity.  Here I will show you one small example to automate the outlook related activity.

There are two types of declarations you can use to communicate with Outlook Application from Excel VBA. First one is early binding and second one is late binding.

Early binding option to connect with Outlook from Excel VBA

In this option you will get the help while writing the code from VBA Module. It is bit easier to use this option because you can see the choices to call the various outlook related objects


Example code


Late binding option to communicate with Outlook from Excel VBA

This is very easy to use and difficult to get the help with in the VBA module environment. Here you cannot get any help to call the outlook objects. When you are expert in the programming, you will know all the objects, that time you can use this Late binding concept to work with outlook application automation.


Example Code


Open outlook application to use the above code from the Excel VBA Module.






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