Index Formula – Excel Formula


Index formula advantages and disadvantages

Index formula is equal to Vlookup and HLookup. Both the formulas capability was included in the index formula. Vlookup has a drawback like you can not pull left side value. But using this Index formula you can overcome that problem.

Index formula syntax:


within the index if you include the match function. Then this formula is stronger and best formula in the excel. Match formula can be used within the rownum or columnnum place in the above syntax. When you need to find the particular column within the data data set, then we have to use index match combination.

Index formula in reports

This can be very useful to prepare the SLA report for the project.

you can keep the data sheet hidden and pick the hidden values to display sheet in the SLA dashboard. Then keep the conditional formatting to show the red, amber and green for KPIs (Key performance indicator) and CPIs( Critical performance indicator)

Index formula is known as advanced excel formula. Since it


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