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Here you are going to learn the way how you can become VBA Programmer from MIS Executive job. We are going to provide you easy ways to become VBA Programmer and Excel VBA / Macro Programmer Qualities. When you have already became expert in Excel formulas, template and dashboards. Once you learn excel formulas, reports then you are very near to become a Excel Macro or VBA programmer. There are two ways to become a VBA or Excel Macro expert. First one recording macro procedure and second one is Writing VBA coding as per VBA standards. All you need to do initially if you have support, you can start with small project and get help from senior guy. Else you can start small excel activity automation with the help of google. Initially it is very tough to do each and every line of the code. But once you have done each and every thing in that particular small project then you learn many things which repeats in every Macro or VBA program. VBA programs are very tough when you do not start. Once you start all VBA programs become easier for you. This is kind secret behind VBA Program or any other programming language. Keep this in mind to start learning VBA Programming.

How To Become VBA or Excel Macro Programmer from MIS Executive Job
How To Become VBA or Excel Macro Programmer from MIS Executive

Excel VBA or Macro Programmer Qualities:

When you get one activity for automation purpose, first we need to see value added things and non value added things in that particular activity. This is essential task for VBA specialist. And once we identify non value added things then we have to eliminate those things from the activity first by automating those sub processes. Once we do this, then exact process would be remained. And we have to see alternative ways to reduce steps or providing accuracy or creating control checks. Also there is no necessary to write code for every activity, because sometimes without writing code we can automate processes like creating Excel formulas or creating templates or creating some dashboards or any other way. We need to choose simplest way to automate the process always.

As a VBA developer, when we get the automation requirement from any of the team members, we need to identify the Judgmental cases and non judgmental cases in order automate. As of now we have not find any best solutions to automate the judgmental cases. Hence we have to automate all the non judgmental cases. Sometimes judgmental cases would be in between the process. At that time, we need to automate till the non judgmental case ending then we have to stop the middle judgmental case for user to do that manually. Once he completes the judgmental case manually. Rest of the process would have been automated. That’s why user can just run the macro and finish the task.

Judgmental case:

Judgmental case is nothing but thinking ability. Like there will be situations like we have to think and then we need to do that thing according to the input.

Example 1 (Judgmental case):

we have to study the comments and need to do the activity based comment sentences.

Example 2 (Judgmental case):

we have see the image and do the activity based on the image. Here VBA Macro cannot see or think as of now. Hence it cannot be automated.

Examples (Non Judgmental case):

Copy pasting data, repetitive tasks.

Once we automate the process by using Excel macro programming, we need to check for error possibilities to arrest them and keep the control in order to check by user whether the particular task done by macro correctly or not. If we can do this, your programming style would be excellent and reliable macros are being developed by you.

Modifying the Existing Macro:

Sometimes, we need to modify the existing macro which is very tedious task to VBA Developer. Then we need to check the code line by line first and understand the process which was automated by different VBA Macro specialist. Once you we understand the process, then we can respond to associate who has given the task to yourself to do modify the macro.  Based on existing, you need to build the new code in case if it requires, or you just do simple changes to and deliver the project to given person. This is how you need handle the existing macros while modifying.


How To Become Excel Macro or VBA Programmer From MIS Executive
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How To Become Excel Macro or VBA Programmer From MIS Executive
How To Become Excel Macro or VBA Programmer From MIS Executive article help you to become VBA or Excel Macro programmer from MIS Executive job.
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