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Now a days in the USA and Uk countries prefer to outsource the work for reducing the cost to their companies. Here Freelancer concept came into the picture. And it became wonderful opportunity to the people who wants to work from the home. Also freelancer can work at any time based on his interest where employees can only work in one particular point of time. In order to work as freelancer, we have many websites which would work on commission basis. Here i am going to provide some name from those. Fiverr.com, Upwork.com, Freelancer.com etc,,

Since my website is belongs to excel based, here i am going to brief you about the Excel VBA Freelancer tasks. First thing all excel related works can be done by this freelancer. Also before you give any work to Excel freelancer, you must need to discuss with him about your activity that you want to automate or formulate. Then excel vba freelancer checks the feasibility study on that activity and confirm you the timeline. And let you know in case if there any challenges to do that. Then as a buyer, you can negotiate that particular piece of part to do in a alternate manner. This is how it goes.

I am also an Excel VBA Freelancer and you can find my profile in the below mentioned link  https://www.fiverr.com/sivaramakris170 . Being as a excel vba freelancer, I got some relief from the daily basis job activities. In day to day employee life I did not have the freedom wherein I am getting lot free time and able to earn better that what I was earning as an employee. Hence, if any one has the outstanding skills in any aspect, you can take my help, in order to become as a freelancer. That would become an awesome step in your life.

As a excel vba freelancer, i am getting works like formulating the workbooks, automating the Excel reports using VBA Macros, in order to save the processing time of the user. Using the Excel VBA, we can do almost many things like communicating with other applications, fetching the data from websites to excel. If you are a Excel VBA freelancer, you must need to clarify the user, as what you are going to automate or formulate and it would be helpful to use that particular tool. Also need to support to the beginner users as they will have lot of confusions until they get habituated with your tool. Once you do 2 or 3 tools for the users and you get positive feedback from them. Then you will become very busy with offers. Feedback system or reviews are very important for the freelancer. Hence as a freelancer, you should be more specific on what you are going to do to the user and how it is going to helpful in future.

Hope you people understand that what exactly is freelancing job and how it is going to be worked out. You can comment in the below in case, if you have any questions. Also i will give you the referral link to enroll in the Fiverr website. If you are interested, you can signup and check you luck. http://www.fiverr.com/s2/2e6e2eefb0







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