Excel based works for freelancers – Excel Formula


There are many excel works in the market for freelancers. Web scraping, Excel templates, Dashboards, Analytics, Data Analysis and VBA Macros. Here we are going to know on each and every work that freelancers are getting in the market. If any wants to become freelancer for Excel related works, this will be helped them a lot. Excel job would be very enjoyable to yourself you know excel very well. It has many features like conditional formatting, formulas, Array formulas and user defined formulas. Also it has many events like workbook, sheet, cell activate etc.

Web scraping:

This would be happened when user requires some data from web browser to excel. Most of the times web scraping related projects would be outsourced to freelancers. This work can be done by various programs like python etc. Even using Excel VBA programming we can scrap the data from web browser to Excel spreadsheet. In order to do this activity, manly we can use the” get element by id” related codes in the VBA programming to scrap the browser data.  VBA Programming also known as Excel Macro programming. Here in this web scraping model, due diligence is very important than programming skill.

Excel templates:

These are very useful to get important numbers from raw data. Here most of the times Sumif and Countif, Vlookup, Hlookup, Index, Match, if, nested if, and, or, not, indirect, and Text formulas can be used to fetch the important numbers from the raw data and project in the Excel template based on the given requirement. Also you can align the column headers to update the data on frequency basis. Excel templates very similar to Dashboards. The only difference between dashboard and template is data size would be lesser in the excel template comparing to dashboard. Excel templates can be used for simple tasks means one to three sheets of the data related numbers projection. As a freelancer, I am getting many excel template requirements to do in the market.

Analytics in Excel:

In the MS Excel, we have lot of analytical facilities. Now we have many software programs for analytics like SAS, R, MATLAB and so on. But previously we used to do in the MS Excel. Single Linear regression, multi linear regression, predictive analytics and statistical analytics like finding standard deviation, coefficient. Small companies are doing analytics in excel even now since they cannot afford the price of the other software program’s license cost.  Analytics base works can be under the data mining concept related projects for freelancers in the market.

Data analysis in the MS Excel:

90% of data analysis would be completed with graphs and charts in the ms excel. Remaining would be arranging the data. Hence we need to arrange the data in a specific format and then draw the graphs or charts to interpret the correct scenario of the data. We get many data analysis projects in the freelancer market.  These concepts are also under the data mining department.

Hope you understand all about excel based freelancer works, you can comment in the below, if you have any doubts about freelancer jobs.







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